Who We Are

UCanBeHealthier® is a nonprofit program by Wings of Love, Inc.

Our Commitment: The Promotion of a Healthy Way of Life





Our mission is to promote a healthy way of life and a natural prevention of illness.


Our people deserve safe healthcare with ancient proven herbal remedies, and access to a natural pharmacy without a prescription, nor side effects.


Our Social Responsibility is made of:

  • Honesty: We work for the common good without compromising the truth.
  • Integrity: We offer services and a workplace with dignity, fairness, respect, diversity and a sense of purpose.
  • Respect: We demonstrate our appreciation to people and natural environment.
  • Commitment: We work to improve our community's life.
  • Quality: We do our best with unmatched results for total satisfaction.
  • Excellency: We are committed to world-class service every day.
  • Creativity: We work to find new open-minded solutions to social issues.
  • Innovation: We work for our community's advancement.
  • Leadership: We work to team up with a true sense of community.
  • Optimism: We value positive attitude at challenge.
  • Passion: We work with determination, perseverance, and the sense of urgency to solve problems.
  • Love: We work for the sake of humanity's happiness.
  • Peace: We work to strengthen social harmony.


Silvia Meave
Catherine Garcia
Mamata Chithriki, MD